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FAQs about your Alarm System

  • What is the advantage of a Monitored System over a Sounders Only System?

To comply with current noise regulations, your burglar Alarm System can only sound for a maximum of 20 minutes. Proven facts have shown that most alarm activations are ignored by passer bys and it’s highly recommended that you or one of your key holders is contacted who can in turn attend the premises within this time frame to check if there has been an intrusion and to either reset the Alarm System or contact the Alarm company to rectify the problem should it be a false alarm activation.

  • If I have a Monitored Alarm System do I need to have police response?

No you don’t as you can have your Security System monitored to contact your key holders only. The  maintenance and monitoring costs will also be slightly cheaper.

  • Can I reset my Alarm System myself if it has triggered off?

Yes, the Alarm Company will help you reset the system over the phone if it was trigged accidentally. Should the alarm activation have been caused by a problem within the system itself, an engineer will be booked out to attend to the problem to ensure that it does not re-occur.

  • When do you recommend a Wired Alarm System or a Wireless Alarm System?

For commercial premises, we would normally recommend a wired system as in most cases the wiring can be concealed above false ceilings etc. For domestic premises, however, where all the decorating has been done, we would normally advise a wireless system which turns out to be much neater. A wired Alarm System can still be installed if there is structural or other work being done. We would in these cases carry out the work in two stages, firstly to run all the cables and come back to site on a second occasion when all  the work is finished to fit all the security equipment.

  • What if I’ve got pets or animals that need to be free to wander around the premises whilst the Alarm system is set?

We can install Pet friendly movement detectors in the areas where you pets are likely to be as these detectors are specially designed not to pick them up.

  • Does the Alarm System need to be connected to a telephone landline?

Your Alarm System only requires a land line if it is linked up to  an Alarm Receiving Centre or if it has a speech dialler which can send a message to your key holders.

  • If my Security System is connected to my telephone line which has  broadband on it will this affect my internet connection?

No it won’t as we will be fitting an Adsl filter within the alarm control panel which will isolate the system from your broadband service.

  • What if there is a power cut, will my  security System still work?

Yes as there is a rechargeable back up battery within the alarm control panel which ensures that your Alarm System functions properly in the event of a mains failure.

  • How long is the system guaranteed for and is there a maintenance contract in place?

The Security system is guaranteed for one year  and there is a maintenance and monitoring contract provided for monitored systems.

  • Is there a minimum contract period?

There is a minimum two years contract  period for all monitored systems.

  • What do the maintenance and monitoring contract comprise of?

The maintenance contract comprises one preventive service check per year for systems which have not been set up for Police response and two service checks for those which have. It also comprises all callouts , labour and free replacement of parts required to rectify any faults in your Security System. If your system is monitored, the monitoring contract comprises contacting your key holders on a first alarm activation and the Police on a second or a confirmed alarm activation if this service is  included in your contract.

  • Can the Fire services also be contacted in the event of a fire at the protected premises?

Yes the Fire services can also be contacted on your behalf by the Alarm Receiving Centre in the event of a fire provided you have a monitored system and have one or more smoke detectors fitted to your security system.

  • Can I part set my Alarm System at night when I’m on the premises?

Yes the installation engineer can program your system so only certain areas of your choice are armed when you are at home.

  • How long does it take to install the Alarm System ?

This depends on if it’s a wired or a wireless system. Generally wired systems take a little longer to install. An average six detection devices commercial alarm system takes about six hours to complete provided the engineer is given unhindered access to the areas where he needs to work. A similar wireless domestic system would take about an hour or so less.

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