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The basics of a Burglar Alarm System that you need to know

There are three main components of basic burglar alarms that you will need to know if you are considering installing any of these in order to prevent a burglar from breaking into your house or premises. They are: 

* The control panel

* Additional detection devices

* A siren or a sounding device

Your control panel acts as the brain of your alarm system as it processes critical information that is received from the detection devices integrated in your system in order to decide what action should be taken when the alarm is triggered. Depending on how you have programmed your alarm system, the siren can go off immediately after the alarm is triggered or there can be a time delay.

If your alarm system is connected to a monitoring system there will be no need for a siren to go off when the alarm is triggered. This is because the monitoring company usually contacts you, your key holders and also the police department when the alarm is set off. You can also use your keypad unit or a key fob for arming or disarming your burglar alarm. You can also program it to include or omit different zones within the home or around your property if you want.

Basically alarm systems are of two types. They are:

* Wired alarms

* Wireless alarms

Wired alarms are usually larger than wireless alarms. It is relatively easier to setup a wireless alarm system rather than a wired alarm system.

Basic applications

Burglar alarms usually operate using up to six different types of different detectors:

  • ultrasonic
  • photo-electric beams
  • passive infrared
  • microwave
  • glass-break
  • carbon monoxide, heat, and smoke

The security surveyor can usually advise you which of the above detection devices are most suitable for you r premises.

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